hot drink  charger

A Process, Product, Idea that is new to a market. Innovation can be a product that is new or a change in the process that improves it. Companies are forever innovating for they have to keep up with the changes in society, technology and customer demand.

Innovation can come from anything big or small. An example of this is the epiphany one puck. A drinks coaster that charges a phone through USB wire using heat. The coaster uses a Stirling engine to convert the heat from the drink in to energy to charge the phone. The charger works using hot or cold drinks and how hot or cold the drink is depends on the speed that the devices charges at.

Products like this innovate using environmental factors. The makers of this product have mentioned in press that they plan on innovating on a wider scale to using land waste to power houses. A great example of how big ideas can start so small.


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