Todays lecture was based on creativity, I like to think of myself as quite a creative person from the way I think and act to the way I dress. Although sometimes I use search engines and past idea’s to spark my creativity. An idea has to start from something but it’s what you do from there that makes your creative.

In lecture I learnt that creativity isn’t just about drawing a pretty picture or making an aeroplane out of paper there is theory behind it. Corrine today taught us the three major concepts behind being creative CEO. C standing for confidence this is the ability to believe in your creativity this allows you to adapt. I mean if you don’t believe in your own idea why should anyone else?
Secondly E for Experiment, teaching you how to adapt your idea. This concept shows that if you have an idea try it even if it fails this doesn’t mean you failed but learnt through trail and error.
Lastly the O stands for Observation, letting you know what to adapt. Ask yourself why you are making this product and continue to ask why until why can not be asked anymore? WHY?
By understanding the concepts of creativity I understood how it sparks innovation, which leads to entrepreneurship.

In the second half of the lecture we moved on to observing a system and the types of people that are involved. Explaining to us there are three types of people. The user a person that uses the system. The designer the person in charge of the system whether it be the creator or the owner. The community the people that surround the system and help make it work. We were asked to go away and observe a system and then asked to change this system somehow.

The car park permits system.
At the beginning of every year students show ID to be given a permit that allows them to park on campus. Students and Staff who drive being the user. The designer is the person in charge of parking arrangements. The community being the reception where we present our documents, the Parking security that checks the permits daily, other student’s using the car park and other staff at the university.

The problem with this system is at the beginning of term when settling into the lectures and getting our head around assignments, the last thing u want to do is sort out parking. The university have to pay for parking permits to present to each student/staff that wants to park and Pay staff to patrol the car parks to assure everyone has a valid pass. A change in Object would make this system work a lot smoother. The designer of the system could input a scan system at the front entrance of the car park that meant students could use the I.D to open a barrier. Visitors could report to reception on arrival and be presented with a day pass. This will improve the system for the community; Make the designers system easier and cheaper in the long run. Lastly make the system stress free for the user.

I used my C.E.O concepts of creativity to think of an idea that could improve a system using the three types of people involved all which I learnt in one lecture. At first it seemed like a bunch of theories that came down to people but once put into practice I realised how it benefits your creativity. Turning idea’s into real life systems.


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