The personality behind your Product


For the last few weeks we have worked closely on designing a person for our business and designing a product around that person. In designing products and creating market messages, a new venture must have a clear vision of their ideal user and buyer. The term “persona” is used to refer to the ideal profiles of our customers.

Most product managers use he practice of creating personas to represent the types of people who buy and use their products. Personas are short descriptions or biographies of model customers that would use the product/service below I give an example of the persona to my child friendly IPhone case designed by my group members and me.

Jane the working mum

Jane is a mother to toddler Emily, she lives in London and works full time in central London. Her partner is currently away in Manchester for work purposes. This leaves Jane to care for Emily alone within the week. Jane drops Emily to the child minders every morning for 8am and picks her up at 5pm. On Friday nights Jane and Emily travel to Manchester via train to stay with her partner over the weekends. The trains are often busy and other passengers are not always child friendly getting frustrated with Emily’s excitement. Jane finds it tiring constantly trying to keep her busy after a long day at work.  Jane’s busy routine means everything she does outside working hours Emily is with her. Jane has no other family in London so struggles with finding time to herself and often feels like she needs peace and quiet. Emily is at the age of two where she needs constant attention and entertainment. Jane relies highly on the use of the interactive children’s apps on her mobile to keep Emily entertained whilst completing household chores. However, panics at the thought of Emily deleting important information on her phone or accidently calling clients. Jane feels stressed at the fact that she has to care for her child alone without her partners presence, the only way Emily can contact her father throughout the week is through face time on the IPhone as she is not old enough yet to understand the concept of a phone conversation. Although Jane lets Emily use the phone to do these things Emily still struggles with functioning the phone correctly without hanging up, closing games or accidently calling people through the use of touch screen.


This example allows you to get a real insight in to the needs of our customer, why we are designing such a product and the problems it will solve from a real life prospective.


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