A Learning Curve


OH NO! NVD was coming to an End and it was time to Present it all to the Dragons. I was so nervous at this stage because it was literally make or break for our business plan. I felt like my product was real by this stage I knew everything about it and had revised it so many times but the thought of presenting it to these dragons was daunting. They may love or hate it and it all came down to us presenting it.


As a group we made sure we were prepared, with the use of practice after practice and helping each other to better in areas we felt weaker in was essential. Finally the day came, as a group we defiantly looked the part dressed in our smartest. The nerves had got to us so the uses of breathing exercises learnt in the drama workshop helped calm us down. We entered the room to four dragon’s three we didn’t know and one lecturer we had meet before (oh how we all wished we had gone to all his lectures now). We had to start straight away the presentation went well and all points we mentioned as planed using the beginning, middle and end method. Then came the questions… 5 minutes of grilling is what it felt like, I don’t think I can even remember half of what I said I was so nervous but they seemed impressed par one who felt our idea was unsafe and children should not be encouraged to play with phones.


This criticism we did not take personal at all, we have learnt throughout the course and life in itself not everyone will agree with you but it was our job to show him why we choose this product. By the end of the questions we had shown him with proof of our primary research (thank god for that) the need for this product and luckily he was out numbered with the support of the other dragons.


We left the room with a sigh of relief. It was all over and we had performed the best we could. This experience had taught me more about entrepreneurship then any other module for I felt real life experience. I now understand what goes into a product that then has to be presented in minutes. Every aspect has to be thought out start to finish because any loopholes can cause failure for a business. The Dragon gave us tips on how we could improve our product something we were so grateful for because people with such life experience can only better us and only wished we had had their help throughout the module.


Although our product did not get shortlisted by the panel for the young enterprise final award I was Happy with my group and most of all confident in our product to get the results we needed as a team to be successful in our university journey.




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