Presentation Skills


Who thought Drama and Business student would ever be able to help each other, one thing new venture design has taught me is that there are resources in everything if you think outside the box. Corrine had us attend a Drama session where we were taught basic skills in presenting.

With our Dragon Dens it was essential we were calm and confident in our presentations, as we are trying to sell our product to these people, and why would they invest in a product we do not seem confident in?

The Drama students started with some basic Do’s and Don’ts in presenting which was an entertaining show and funny enough highlighted the basic standards for a presentation such as talking clearly, being confident, being aware of those in the room and being aware of your body language.

They ran four separate workshops for us to take part in. First being the Bubble of thought. We were asked to lay on the floor, close our eyes and the Drama student spoke instructions for us to follow such as simple breathing techniques. This allowed me to forget everything around me and become very calm in my thoughts. Being a energetic character I am always the worry boots this was a skill I actually thought I could use in the future. Although I didn’t plan on lying on the floor outside the presentation room the breathing techniques and idea of clearing my head of all other thoughts was amazing.

Secondly we worked on our voices an Essential one for me, already I was finding this workshop a lot more helpful then expected. I asked for tips on slowing down when talking. We were asked to sell things using one word showing the tone in your voice makes a difference to the presentation something now I am highly aware of. “ its not always what you say but how you say it”

We went on to work on our confidence, understanding techniques to help you believe in yourself. As mentioned earlier We needed to be confident in our products because we want others to believe in them.


Lastly we worked on story telling, Teaching us the importance of giving a story a beginning middle and end. In a presentation this helps you to plan you content make sure you say everything and in the correct order not only did this help with presentation skills but also with essay writing.

At the end of the session, it was evident from working in big groups how the workshops had helped others all in different ways. I took a lot away from this session that helped me in all my modules when it came to presentation skills. In future I will use the voice projection skills and the story telling skills to assure I have planned my content correctly.


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