Testing your Market





As much as market research can be done through statistics and Google searches there is nothing like getting out into the public and testing the market for your self.  Our group had decided our target market for our child friendly IPhone case was Parents with young children under 5. We sat and brainstormed research we could do to get the best answers possible to assure we created the best possible product and marketing plan to reach this market.

Where better to find Parents with children but PLAYGROUP, now we did get some weird looks turning up to a playgroup asking for permission to let kids play on our phones but wow did we learn alot. We gave out permission slips to allow us to take pictures of the children and Parents seemed to love the concept of our idea this made it easier for them to understand our purpose of the research.


We set up a little play area where we allowed children to play on the phone noting down the top 3 problems parent would have with children physically playing with the phone. The pressing of buttons, exiting apps, deleting apps ( and other data) calling people and dropping the phone.


These problems were ones we had discovered and our market research had proved correct. We then went on to interview the parents to see what it is they would want from the product. Helping us discover the style of the case, where we should sell and how much they would want to pay. Its amazing how face to face research allowed us to get a clear scope of our audience and how much of a market there is for such a product.


Corrine taught us how important it is to get out into the public and learn things about your target market yourself, simple surveys online don’t collect correct data always as people tend to fill them out half heartedly or not at all. Actually seeing for your self is something no one can fault.


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