Trade Fair




Trade fair day! Corrine used this session to allow us to visit a Trade fair of other Kingston university students studying start up a business. We went from Stall to stall taking in the visual merchandising these student had designed and set up for us and others to see and we were encouraged to buy their items. This was amazing to see how our idea’s could be turnt into products. In our module we concentrate mainly on the idea and the planning of the product but to see how these ideas could come to life gave me encouragement in my work.

To see student’s in the same situation as me having designed and created a business through the use of similar modules allowed me to see every aspect of the business in real life. There were so many idea’s that all seemed to have great concepts behind them. This allowed my group to go away and rethink ideas, ones we maybe had no thought of or how we as a business would approach such situations. In particular this helped us with our sales idea’s we were able to create idea’s that we felt would attract customers to our brand to help sell our product. This is where we thought of our soft play area that we be attached to our stalls for selling the case. To make an area that attracted the children would attract the Parents. The importance of visual merchandising was something we had not thought of until we visited this trade fair from the use of balloons, sweets and give always that were used to attract us to the start up stalls. As the ones with Sweets tended to have the biggest crowd around them.


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